We offer many small meals for a fast brake. Salads, soups, sandwiches and cakes. All our products are home made. Our bread and cake supplier mainly use organic ingredients. Enjoy all dishes with a reading of our large selection of newspapers and magazines in our small shop or take them nicely packed into your office. Catering means hospitality to us and we are happy to make you happy. Because the sky is blue, the sun is yellow and the grass is green.


Koulla Louca has Cypriot roots. And “meze” means according to Wikipedia: “Mezes (Greek μεζές, majority μεζέδες Mezedes), Bulgarian Mese (Мезе), Turkish Meze, Arab Mezze (مزة), in the Eastern Mediterranean is a selection of appetizers or small dishes (…) similar to tapas of Spain or finger food.” Ingredients and amount vary considerably – it is rather the situation defining the meze selection than the kind.


Originally a coal merchant’s business in 2002 Koulla Louca remodelled the small shop into the Cafébar Meze. Her intention was to create an urban interpretation of her Cypriot heritage. Depending on the weather the smell of coal slightly lingers in the air, but is mostly overlaid with the scent of freshly ground coffee.